Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And I’d Like this Pope to Go Away…

Benedict XVI seems intent on rolling the Catholic Church back to the middle ages – or at least back before those heathens at the Vatican Council convened. First, he’s bringing back the Latin mass, including the statement that Jews are ‘blind to Christian truth.’ Then, he issues a statement essentially calling non-Catholics heretics, decreeing the Catholic Church is the one true Christian church.

It’s ridiculous that Rome is issuing these edicts. It’s one thing to respect tradition, but Benedict seems to be going back in time to the bad ol’ days. I’m really getting tired of my church.

What’s next? Crusades?

Monday, July 2, 2007

I'd Like Paris to Go Away

We seem to be back to the pre-9/11 world of news regarding some famous person - particularly those famous for merely being famous - interrupting the real news for some ridiculously stupid story. Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, David Hasselhoff. I actually heard our local all-news radio station interrupt the news for a 'special report' about Hilton being released early from jail.

Can news organiztions please please PLEASE get back to reporting real news and leave this stupidity for Access Hollywood?