Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheaters Really Do Prosper

Lance Armstrong. Barry Bonds. Mark McGuire. Floyd Landis. And last but not least, the latest and greatest cheater, Marion Jones. And let’s not forget major-league pitcher Mark Byrd.

All big sports stars. All multi-millionaires. And all, if reports can be believed, users of illegal performance enhancing substances.

Asterisks after records, denials, disgrace, stripped of medals and reputations. And, let us not forget the most important consequence, the loss of millions in endorsement deals.

It seems to be rampant. In cycling, track, baseball. These days I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about it in professional bowling or NASCAR.

What should we do? The answer is easy. If athletes want to use performance enhancing substances…let ‘em. That would even the playing field, save millions of dollars in testing, and eliminate the need to debate whether records are legitimate or not.

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