Friday, July 25, 2008

PZ Myers Is An Arrogant Bigot

I guess it’s okay to desecrate things other religions hold as sacred. So if I smash a hole in the Wailing Wall, spit on a Koran, or throw dung on a Buddhist shrine, it’s okay?

In fact, it’s not. But this is what I increasingly see among those who hate and revile religion. I wonder if he’d put up any fuss if I burned an only photo of his beloved grandmother. Maybe I could trash a first edition of Shakespeare, or something else he values.

As a former Catholic, I don’t hold the church in very high regard. But neither will I mock those objects believers hold as sacred. I guess the most insulting thing is that he somehow considers himself superior to Catholics. How? Why? The arrogance here is appalling.

If atheists want respect for their lack of belief (which I feel is deserved), then perhaps they should start respecting the beliefs of others.

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