Friday, July 17, 2009

Ultra-Conservatives are Scaredy-Cats

I comment on several ultra-conservative blogs, and one thing I’ve noticed is they aren't very nice to people who disagree with them. In fact, their strategy seems to be if they can’t win an argument on logic, resort to name-calling of the most vile kind. Despite the fact I’ve never made a negative comment to any of them, I've been called troll, lowlife, termite, roach, ratbag, maggot, punk, idiot, scumbag, degenerate, etc., among various other insults.

Rather than responding by referring to them as wingnuts, morons, craven little jerks, knuckle-dragging pinheads, corporate shills, pond scum, fascist stooges, etc., I prefer to take the more noble approach.

Conservatives, you see, pine for a world which no longer exists, that 1950s “Leave It To Beaver” world where everyone was white and middle class, not to mention Protestant. Today, there are Catholics and Jews who aren't invisible, blacks and Hispanics who refuse to mind their place, Sikhs with turbans, Muslims and, worst of all, gays.

Mind you, they won’t come out and say that they're prejudiced. They’ll couch it in terms of objecting to affirmative action as ‘reverse discrimination’. They’ll couch it in terms of protecting morality, in terms of defending institutions and traditions. They’ll say we should no longer consider skin color or religion or sexuality, that we’re past all that. But you can see it peeping out from behind all those facades they’ve put up to hide it every time they say ‘but’ right afterwards, as in, “I have nothing against gays, but…” You hear and read it every day.

This big new world that is changing frightens them enough to make them soil their underwear. They react by withdrawing, by denigrating, by belittling, and most of all, by denying. Facts are not facts; they're results of conspiracies by liberals spinning things to suit their socialistic ends. Truth is only ‘TRUTH’ if it agrees with their limited world view. They are the anachronism of the 21st century. If it wasn’t for Rupert Murdoch and the internet, they’d already be extinct.

So don’t be upset with those far-right conservatives. They're just too afraid to adjust. Take pity on them. Do your best to gently bring them into the light.

After all, the knuckle-dragging pinheads can’t help themselves.

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