Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We all have a lot to be worried about this Thanksgiving. Family and friends out of work, wars, terrorism, myriad crises, economic uncertainty.

But we will have one more, very important thing to be thankful for at our house this year. My wife’s sister (who lives with us) went into the hospital two weeks ago. We didn’t know whether she would live through the night.

Two weeks in intensive care, and many times things did not look good. More than once we discussed funeral plans.

Her problems multiplied and cascaded into nerve-wracking days for all of us – my sons and me, but even more so my wife, who has spent copious amounts of time at the hospital.

But now, my sister-in-law has been transferred out of the hospital into a long-term, acute care facility. And although it is still a long road, there is light ahead.

And this Thanksgiving, when we sit down to give thanks, we will all have something special to be thankful about.

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